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Artnet to DMXArtnet to DMX

Artnet to DMX

  • Model : R-ADS
  • Brand : ROYLITE
  • Product description:this is a Artnet to DMX signal splitter,with 2pcs ethernet ports inputs and 8 DMX 3pin XLR outputs, additionally,it also has 2pcs 3pin XLR inputs,so it also can work as a DMX splitter.

Voltage: AC 90V-240V,50HZ/60HZ

Unit size: 482 x 147 x 44mm (19" Rack, 1U)

Unit weight: 3kgs


2 Ethernet ports inputs

2 XLR male 3pin inputs

8 XLR female 3pin outputs

DMX signal isolated electrically

LED indicators display output data fro each channel independently

Cardboard packing 5 in 1 : 56 x 42 x 21 CM, weight 25kgs

Rack case packing 4 in 1 : 58 x 29 x 41 CM, weight 26kgs

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