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  • Model : R-Arena
  • Brand : ROYLITE
  • Version : 9.1 ~ 11
  • Product description:the Arena desk equiped with 9.1 version,10.0 version, 10.1 version and 11 version,users can choose these 4 versions in the desk by themselves.

40 precision playback faders in three pageable groups.

20 programmable macro executor buttons.

3 metal shaft optical attribute encoders.

4 optical playback encoder pots.

15.6” vibrant main touch screen with brightness control.

7” vibrant secondary touch screen.

6 mono LCD screens for digital fader legends.

UPS battery back-up

New six-position articulation stand

Ergonomic trim and carry handles

Robust stainless and zinc treated steel construction – built for life on the road

Includes 4-port managed Gigabit network switch

OpticalCON Stage link output, with an optional second link

8 physical 5-pin XLR opto-isolated DMX out, up to 16

universes over ArtNet or streaming ACN – total of 8192 console channels.

Compatible with Titan Net – up to 64 universes, total of 32,768 system channels.

4 Ethercon Gigabit primary network connection with a battery maintained managed switch supporting

Titan Net, ArtNet and streaming ACN.

1 Ethercon Gigabit secondary Network connection for Titan Net, ArtNet and streaming ACN.

1 standard OpticalCON stage link output, to connect to industry standard network switches with optical support.

SMPTE Timecode/LTC input 3-pin XLR (transformer isolated).

Trigger inputs on ¼” jack, suitable for foot switches.

Audio in on stereo ¼” jack for Audio Triggering.

Headphone 3.5mm jack conveniently placed on the front panel.

4 USB3 ports – 1 front, 3 rear.

DVI-D for external display.

Two 3-pin XLR dimmable lamp connector

MIDI in, out and thru.

size : 1072 x 428 x 150mm

net weight: 22kgs

with flightcase: 42kgs

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