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Pro Wing ConsolePro Wing Console

Pro Wing Console

  • Model : R-PW
  • Brand : ROYLITE
  • Product description:This is a high quality command wing and fader wing 2 in 1 console,with the top materials to assure the whole stability of the console,it will be running without any defaults,fast,accurate and stable.

it is wonderful new product combine command wing and fader wing with a PC. It use MA onPC software. It's a great product for medium or small show, DJ, Night Bar, TV, Events,etc. It has two 19inch touch screens, 6 DMX ouput and 1 DMX input (output), 1 LTC input, 1 MIDI input, Windows system with keyboard, and also it has UPS. The system install MA 3D, WYSIWYG R36, Grand MA onPC,etc


Power Input: 120V/230V, 50/60Hz

Size: 82x68x13cm

Net weight27.5KG

Gross Weight: 48KG (With flightcase)


Interface:4 USB connector (A type),1 spare USB input port (B type),1 audio input interface,1 stereo output interface,1 LTC input interface,6 DMX-512 output interface,1 DMX-512 input connector (composite output function),2 working lamp Interface,1 gigabit network interface,1 MIDI input interface

Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys

Integrated universal power supply

Light, handy & rock solid

Ergonomic design

Wide-voltage, low-power consumption ,energy-saving design,power:. 150W

Built-in UPS uninterruptiable power supply , zero delayed automatic switching , under-voltage, over-voltage protection

Panasonic UPS,dedicated high density maintenance-free batteries

B85M-E Motherboard,Intel i7-4790 3.6GHz CPU

GTX960 display card, 4G display memory, independent game display card.

ROM-240GB solid state disk

RAM- 4GB DDR3 1600

Two VGA video signal input interface,

An HDMI signal output interface

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