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Quartz Plus Quartz Plus

Quartz Plus

  • Model : R-QPD
  • Brand : ROYLITE
  • Version : 11.1
  • CPU : Intel I5
  • Product description:this is a bigger version of Quartz, with the newest software 11.1, intel CPU I5,4G DDR3 memory ,120G SSD.
1. The built-in 12 DMX output 6144 channels; (DMX output bridge USES the original Swiss distorted g)
2. Support graffiti type write a named function
3. The built-in pixel mapping and graphics generator
4. The folder localization function. In English and can be arbitrary switching
5. Support Art - net network output, through the network can be extended to 12 Universe DMX output;
6. Support Titan - net protocol can be extended to 64 Universe DMX output
7.30 mechanical flip replay push rod; 20 custom macro function keys
8. A Titan extensible Fader wing (replay auxiliary units, 20 replay push rod, 30 custom macro function, USB power supply)
9. Support the Headphone output (Headphone)
10.1 a gigabit Ethernet network interface, support Art - net, the Titan - net, Streaming CAN protocol
Compatible with other TITAN system controller performance documents
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