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  • Sunny 512 DMX Console
  • Sunny 512 DMX Console
  • Sunny 512 DMX Console
Sunny 512 DMX ConsoleSunny 512 DMX ConsoleSunny 512 DMX Console

Sunny 512 DMX Console

  • Mode : R-DC512
  • Brand : ROYLITE
  • Channels : 512 CH
  • DMX output : 4
  • Product description:the sunny 512 DMX console has total 512 DMX channels, with 4 DMX outputs,separately optical isolated.

DMX512/1990 standard 512 DMX control channels.

4 output with separate optical isolated

Up to 32 scanners may be connected with a maximum of 16 channels each

A large back light LCD to display operation parameters

16 channel faders plus 1 speed and 1 cross control fade.

1600 chase steps maximum. 48 chases - up to 99 steps each. Speed and cross time of each step

can be set separately Speed adjustable

by music active or manual mode.

The time range of both SPEED fade and CROSS fade is 0.01s-25.5s and the total time amount of current

status will be program step time

48 scenes can be used directly.

8 chases and 48 scenes can run at the same time. And 32 scanners can be selected together

The X/Y channels of different fixtures can be controlled by PAN/TILT wheel together.

16 Bit control for PAN/TILT fine adjustment.

15 environment programs to output the combination, which are composed of different scenes, chases and

manual output quickly

The music trigger source can be selected between audio line input or internal microphone.

Easy to learn and operate.

The Data auto-saves. (Through the electronic memory storage and it can be changed freely)

High performance switching power supply, with extremely low power harmonious distortion and wide range of

voltage, suit for the requirement of

different country simultaneously.

LED lamp connector

Power input: DC9V 1000mA

Dimension: 498 × 420 × 115mm

Net Weight: 6.5kg

During program running, the program will run in preset speed when SPEED & CROSS faders at AUTO

position otherwise the running speed will be total amount of current SPEED & CROSS faders.

When run Chase and environment program, press CROSS ode button to change CROSS mode between

all channel mode or only X/Y mode, After set PAN/TILT wheel, the faders and PAN/TILT wheel could control

same  channel value together (faders change channel value and PAN/TILT wheel fine adjust value)

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