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  • USB Interface Software Suite 2
  • USB Interface Software Suite 2
USB Interface Software Suite 2USB Interface Software Suite 2

USB Interface Software Suite 2

  • Mode : R-SUITE2
  • Brand : ROYLITE
  • DMX output : 3 ports
  • Control : 1536 CHs
  • Product description:This is the USB Interface Software Suite 2,DMX outputs 3 ports, control total 1536 channels.

DMX512 signal decoding, single PC support link multiple USB-DMX decoding, output stability

USB-BOX with standard 3 × DMX512 output (1536 channels)

Single PC software with 50 DMX domain, can be extended to 50 × DMX512 output (25600 channels)

Equipped with Ethernet communication connection, support WIFI, available Windows, IOS or Andriod

tablet or mobile phone remote link operation

Support PC work and offline work mode selection, equipped with SD memory card function of the

reservoir, you can "independent performing arts" mode of work, from the computer independent work

Computer 3D stage set up to achieve real-time display of computer 3D effects and live lights


Synchronize audio and light effects to produce music shows, drag and drop, move, and extend the time

and start of lighting effects on the audio and video time bar

Create your own fixture data or modify the existing fixture data, all the lighting effects are included

(color, pattern, pattern rotation, prism, etc.)

Built-in icons with intuitive effects and procedures, the mouse that is easy to use

3D light effect of AVI derived

Support Windows XP / Windows 7 32 bit / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 10 64 bit operating system

Product Specifications:

1. Independent mode editing program, there are built-in program can be transferred out of editing

2.3D stage when the object can be called when the object shape

Minimum requirements for computer configuration:

1. The computer running Windows XP

2. Processor frequency: 800 Mhz

3.256Mb memory (RAM)

4. Supports Microsoft Direct 3D graphics cards with 32 Mb of memory

5.800 × 600 pixel screen

Recommended computer configuration conditions:

1. The computer running Windows 10

2. Processor frequency: 2Ghz

3.8G memory (RAM)

4. There are 128M memory, support for Microsoft Direct 3D graphics card

5.1280 × 1024 pixel screen

6. Off-line work USB-DMX decoder external power requirements:

Voltage: 5V DC

Power supply: not less than 300mA

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